YES, most of the bull terriers you see on TV are white but don’t be fooled, they come in many other colors. 22 color combinations to be exact. However, the most popular color¬†always seems to be the traditional White most likely due to the Bull Terriers that received fame within TV exposure like Spuds Mackenzie (Bud Light Dog),¬† Bullseye (Target Mascot), and Willie (General Patton’s Dog).

However, today many are intrigued by the beauty of the colored Bull Terriers which often are not as prone to skin issues or hearing impairment that has historically plagued the breed.

Truthfully I love all the colors but my love was captured by their personality, character, loyalty, and overall look ~ not color.

Here is a listing of all the “proper” Bull Terrier breed colors as well as their AKC Registration codes:

For detailed information with photo examples on the proper Bull Terrier breed colors, please click on the following link:


Bull Terrier Breed Colors