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Thank you for visiting Dragon Bullies! 

We are the AKC Bull Terrier Breeders of Georgia.

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My name is Christian and I have always had a deep passion for animals, especial for dogs.  Years back my family and I received our first Bull terrier. It was a life changing experience and we have been hooked on them ever since. Bull terriers are loving creatures; fun and comical that love to be around people and play all the time. This breed is well known for their loyalty and courage. My children and our Bullies are inseparable. I feel they are well protected all the time with loyalty and love.

Our Bull Terriers came from “Bullies of NC” bloodline and were chosen with calculated decision based on the qualities we expected within the breed. Health and Temperament were our main concern while at the same time we sought after the Bull Terriers we knew had earned a prestige reputation for being magnificent looking Bull Terriers. Our Bull Terriers were the pick of the litters and raised around children and other animals. They live in our home with all the attention they could ever want. They enjoy the large space outdoors where they can run and play as Bull Terriers should.

We are committed to raise our Dragon Bullies with the best food, ideal environment, and the attention and love that allows them to develop into highest quality of Bull Terrier people would expect as a family member and loyal companion.

We invite you to be part of our passion to love and enjoy this amazing breed.

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