Our feelings are that when the decision is made to purchase a new puppy for the family it’s important to conduct proper research to ensure the best possible decision has been made on not only the proper dog but also the proper breeder (or breeders) selling the dogs. Although we prefer to meet people in person we do understand that it may prove to be financially difficult to visit us here in North Carolina based on your geographic location. However, we try our best to provide a vast amount of information on our website to answer most any question and provide people with the confidence to know we are Bull Terrier breeders with a passion and love for developing healthy Bull Terrier puppies with the qualities that compliment the breed standards. Our goal isn’t to sell the average Bull Terrier but to provide you with the perfect Bull Terrier puppy that will become a family member and have the structure, conformation, temperament, and health that other Bull Terrier breeders could only hope to emulate.


Steve and Julie Gogulski

Hello and welcome. Julie and I have been raising and breeding Bull Terriers for many years now and have both grown up around dogs all our lives. We’ve owned all sorts of breeds from Boxers, Pit Bulls, Boston Terriers, Sheep dogs, Poodles, German shepherds, Dobermans, and even a few mixed breeds. Although we love each and every breed of dog, our hearts belong to Bull Terriers and we believe there is no other breed that could ever match the character and loyalty of the Bull Terrier breed. Our love of this breed has led us to where we are now as one of the top AKC Bull Terrier breeders in the country.

Steve:   (Webmaster)

       Steve and Nitro

Julie:   (Veterinarian Assistant Trained)


The Kids:   Justin, Zack, and Kalie

Justin  Zack  Kalie 1  Kalie 2 Kalie 3 bull terriers and kids


Craig and Terri Lee

Hello and welcome to a really cool page on the Lee family! We are located on a gorgeous 5 acre lot in Jacksonville, NC. My wife and I enjoy the comforts and tranquility within the quiet area of our home. We feel it offers the best possible environment to raise strong healthy Bullies. After retiring from the Marine Corps I have devoted full time into the development, raising, and breeding of the worlds best canine ~ the “Bull Terrier.”


Craig and LucianCraig Lee 1


Terry 2 Craig and Terri

Codee, Harlie, and Thomas:

 Lee Kids  Thomas