We are proud to say we offer Bull Terrier Rescue and Adoption for the state of North Carolina. As responsible breeders we accept all Bull Terriers in need of rescue and take on the responsibilities of taking care of them and finding appropriate loving homes. Due to the great nature of this breed of dog it isn’t that often we come across one in need of rescue unless a unique situation arises.

As reputable breeders, we care deeply about the welfare of all Bull Terriers. In the event someone runs into a predicament where they are need of finding a new home for their Bullie (for whatever reason) we welcome them here in our kennel facilities where they’ll be spoiled like the rest of our bullies. Providing Bull Terrier Rescue service ensures the type of dog we breed stays out of pounds and risks no chance of being euthanized. Maybe one day other breeders will pick up on this concept and the horror stories we here about what goes on at the pounds will minimize. I wish somebody would pass a law to mandate this concept for all breeders ~ just my two cents.

Home without a Bullie

NOTE:  In order to prove commitment towards raising and caring for an adult Bull Terrier we do charge an adoption fee. To some a “FREE” dog means there’s no financial risk and why not “Give it a try.” Another sad fact is that many “Free” dogs end up in the hands of sick individuals who use the dogs as Bait Dogs for the sport of Dog Fighting.

We screen all personnel who have an interest in adopting a Bull Terrier to ensure their future is within a proper environment with a loving home. If you have an interest in adopting a Bull Terrier please feel free to contact us.


Please take the time to view the MANY Bull Terriers we have rescued and re-homed into loving forever homes. 



In the event we do not have any Bull Terriers advertised on this page for adoption that may not necessarily mean we do not know of any that are available. Please take the time to call us to inquire about the availability of any Bull Terriers in need of adoption.



Please contact us if you have an interest in adopting one.



It’s not very common that Bull Terriers are rendered by their owners and end up in need of adoption. Truth is, even if the owner had legitimate reasons based on his/her situation, if the Bull Terrier was well trained, friendly, healthy, and well-mannered the owner would have most likely had a friend, relative, or neighbor standing in line to adopt their Bull Terrier without the need to seek a rescue agency, shelter, or foster home. The Bull Terrier breed is considered a rare breed of canine that often carry a high price tag for the purchase of a puppy than most other breeds. With this said, those that make a decision to purchase one usually are doing so after much thought based on the financial commitment alone. Bull Terrier puppy purchases are usually not impulse buys like many American Pit Bull Terriers puppies that are seen being sold from the back of a pickup truck at your local WalMart parking lot with a sign on a cardboard box saying “Pit Pups – $300.” However, this doesn’t mean that every person who pays a lot of money for an English Bull Terrier is prepared to take on the challenges to raise a Bull Terrier puppy and train them properly no matter what investment they’ve made. A neglected Bull Terrier that’s secluded to a crate while the owner works all day will often retain so much pent up energy, stress, and anxiety that the dog’s chances of developing OCD and other health problems is promising. Once a Bull Terrier sustains enough stress and anxiety their immune system is often weakened and other health problems quickly surface. Allergies, yeast infections, and other skin disorders are often associated with a neglected Bull Terrier or one that’s on a bad nutritional diet.

It’s in the nature of a Bull Terrier to have great personalities with people and display affection and love for anyone they meet. However, a Bull Terrier that has not been well socialized with other dogs cannot be trusted with other dogs. Most may not have the fighting drive to strike out with aggression on the first sight of another dog. However, any other dog showing amped up energy, dominance, or aggression will be the only excuse an unsocialized Bull Terrier will need to engage into a heated fight.

Understand that a house broken Bull Terrier that’s used to one environment may enter a whole new environment with new smells and scents and feel the need to “mark their territory.” When adopting a Bull Terrier you should have some form of expectation that supervision, guidance, and training may be needed until they have familiarity with their new home and owners. Bull Terriers that have been neglected as puppies and crated can often become hyper and destructive when they’re given the opportunity to roam freely.

Like all dogs, Bull Terriers in need of adoption all have their own Pro’s and Con’s and it’s up to the new owners to commit to the training and attention to mold them into the dog that’s right for them. None of the Bull Terriers you’ll find up for adoption have been trained to perfection and awarded Canine Good Citizen certificates. They require further commitment on your part to be considered the “Perfect Dog” and each and every one of them have the potential to gain that title by the diligence invested from their new owner.

These are all things to keep in mind with ANY Bull Terrier that’s available for adoption. There’s nothing more disappointing then seeing a Bull Terrier returned by someone who recently adopted one and within a short period of time gives up on the dog and explains they are just realizing they don’t have the time to dedicate towards proper training. We don’t wish to bounce the Bull Terriers we offer for adoption from one home to the next on a “trial” bases so please make sure you’ve conducted thorough research on the breed, spent a few hours with the Bull Terrier in need of rescue, and have the time to invest into the dog. We aim for perfect forever homes to qualified adoptees that are looking for a new family member that’s accepted for his flaws and loved for his character.





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