Bull Terrier PuppiesAll of our Bull Terrier puppies that we sell are within the highest quality and standards possible. All of our breeding adults were carefully selected based on the history of their pedigree, health, temperament, and conformation. The parents of each litter were carefully selected prior to mating to ensure the offspring are not only perfect in structure and form but genetically healthy in every aspect. All our Bull Terriers are fully Health Tested to ensure they are free from genetic disorder and all puppies produced are provided with a legal and signed 2 year health guarantee against any form of genetic disorder.

All Bull Terrier Puppies sold through Bullies of NC are AKC registered. AKC Pedigree Registration as well as 4 generation litter pedigree is presented to each customer during the time of sale. We, at Bullies of NC, care deeply about each and every one of our bull terrier puppies and for the welfare of the entire breed of the English Bull Terrier. Because we are concerned with the possibility of breeding our Bull Terrier bloodline with lesser quality bloodlines we do make every effort to prevent propagation of serious inherited faults in the English Bull Terrier Breed. We do not sell to puppy mills or pet stores. All our puppies are normally sold with AKC Limited Registry. However, for those interested in Showing or Breeding we would be happy to provide Full Registration with Co-ownership. For those unfamiliar with the different types of Registration options and the purposes of them please read our article – “Puppy Registration Options.” If you have an interest to show or breed your puppy, arrangements for full registration for showing or breeding need to be established prior to the sale of any of our bull terrier puppies.

Not only do we advertise litter of puppies from the four us within Bullies of NC but we also list litters pf puppies from breeders that carry the Bullies of NC bloodlines. The following Bull Terrier Breeders are highly recommended by us due to their reputation through AKC for producing healthy top quality Bull Terriers. All of these Bull Terrier breeders advertising their puppies follow the same policies as depicted on our website. These Bull Terrier breeders are people that we know, trust, and are good friends of ours. We are familiar with their breeding practices as well as the health and welfare of their Bull Terriers. It is with pleasure to advertise for these breeders’ puppies and we have full confidence that they will provide you with a Bull Terrier puppy that possesses all the qualities expected in a top notch Bull Terrier that meets the standards of the breed. Please click on their Banner’s to view more information about them and the gorgeous Bull Terriers they raise.

Rainbow Kennels



Prior to placing a deposit on one of the above listed bull terrier puppies for sale please ensure you have filled out the “Puppy Purchase Form” to the right and received authorization from us to purchase one of our beautiful Bullies. We care deeply about the welfare of our puppies and want to ensure appropriate contact has been established before any sales transaction.

Thank You for understanding.

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