Canine Gestation Calculator


Fill in the boxes and the canine gestation calculator will automatically provide you with an anticipated date of delivery for your recently bred female dog as well provide you with full details during her entire gestation period.


Canine Gestation Calculator



First Breeding

Due Date

Due Date

Day One

First day of breeding. The Dam will be bred of every other day after this date until she is longer ovulating (usually one week). Due date prediction is based on first breeding.

Week 1

The sperm migrates through the cervix. Sperm reaches eggs and fertilization occurs. The Dam should be receiving high quality puppy food for proper nutrition. Prenatal vitamins are encouraged.

Week 2

The fertilized eggs travel to the uterus for implantation. During this time and for the next few weeks you may notice behavioral changes with your dog. Some females may become more affectionate while others may become more moody especially with other dogs.

Week 3

Embryos develop. Vital organs begin to develop. The Dams nipples begin to enlarge. Rear breasts will become noticeably larger. The Dam may experience morning sickness.

Week 4

Fetuses can be felt in the uterine by an experienced veterinarian or breeder at around the 28-30 day mark. After this period palpitations will not be affective to detect the amount of puppies. Pregnancy tests can be conducted at time to confirm pregnancy. The Dam's appetite should have picked up at this point and it is recommended that her food intake be increased. The fetuses have developed into miniature puppies.

Week 5

The Dam's abdomen starts to increase in size where it may now be noticeable that she is pregnant.

Week 6

Puppies continue to grow. The Dam may lose her appetite or may not be able to finish all of her meal. It may be better to feed her smaller portions of food several times a day in order for her to receive adequate nutrition. Clear discharge may be noticed from her vulva which is normal.

Week 7

Abdominal movement is easy to detect now. The Dam may be looking for a place to seclude herself to knowing she will be having puppies soon. It's best to start getting her used to her whelping box during this time. Now is the time to start recording rectal temperatures so it's easy to predict when she will be going into labor.

Week 8

The Dam will be "Nesting" (digging) in her whelping box as she prepares for labor. She will act uncomfortable due to the size of the puppies and the pressure on her abdomen. Milky fluid may be seen coming from the nipples. Once the Dams temperature drops to 98 or below she should give birth within 12-24 hours. Panting and restlessness is normal prior to giving birth. Once the Dam's bag breaks she will give birth shortly after.

Due Date

This is the anticipated date of delivery based off of the first breeding. It is always best to prepare for any litter based off the first breeding. Delivery is possible a few day earlier so careful watch along with temperature readings should be maintained.

Canine Gestation Calculator

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