This page is dedicated to some of our Puppy Owners that sent us back some feedback on their puppy purchase from Bullies of NC. We are happy to show off their puppy and allow others to view some of the past puppies we’ve produced. 

Hey there!!

It’s only been a few weeks since we got Homie, but  I wanted to update y’all and tell you he has been doing awesome!  It’s been an adjustment, his playing with our other dog. But here’s a few pics, and thanks again! 🙂

Unfortunately I missed when he rolled around in fresh cut grass and was green the other day, but he came to the door a lovely shade of brown this morning 🙂 see attached picture.


Hi Steve!!

Sorry it has taken me so long to get this email off to you but we have had our hands FULL 🙂 Plus it’s taken me almost an hour to get all the pictures off my camera, Blackberry, and ipad!!  I’ve taken soooo many!

Calvin is AMAZING.  At first I was a wee bit concerned because he is bold as brass!!  All I had to do was start training him and he loves it – great channel for that energy:) He is just the most brilliant little guy.  He’s learned sit, down, on your bed, watch me, in your crate, dinner, water, gentle, bring it, give, as well as off, no , and stop lol!!!  He is going to be a dream for me to work with – exactly what I wanted!

He had his first vet check here in Canada the other day and he is already up to almost 14 lbs.  Vet said all is good so as soon as he’s had his second booster it will be off to puppy class.

I will continue to send photos and updates until you get tired of it :):)

Thank you all for everything you’ve done in getting this little guy to me.  We love him dearly.  I’m dreading going back to work hahaha.

Attached are a couple of the better photos so far (including one if him is his very own sweater Nana knitted for him 🙂

Melissa & Jamie

Charlotte Scrivani

I just wanted to let you know that Naya is doing great! She is such a a wonderful puppy:). She went to the vet today and they said she is 100% healthy. Let me know if you need me to forward any sort of documentation of the visit. Thanks again!

Ruben Mendoza

Cheryl Slaymaker

Jordan Zamora

Hi Steve,

After almost two weeks Odin is growing like a weed and getting very comfortable in his new home. He is also growing more rambunctious by the day!


Steve Kendley

Brynn is doing great. Yesterday we took her to a small town street fair. I could hardly take a step without being mobbed because of her. She was covered with lipstick! She has a super personality. She loves everyone and every dog that she meets. More photos to follow soon.


Steve Kendley

Victory McFarland

Sparky is doing great. This was back about four days ago.  He’s getting sooo big. You can see the bull terrier stance really prominent. He’s super funny with our other dogs as he is becoming bigger and very confident and I think they know he will be in charge someday soon. He’s gentler with me as I think he knows I’m Mom and don’t play as rough and I’ve taught him not to bite. I’ll videotape sometime soon as he barks at our dauchsund like he is telling him off, it’s really cute. Thanks, Victoria

David & Peggy Duncan





Chris & Melissa Gendron

Katie King

Charlie Adams

Richard Runstedler

Well we could not be happier.  Vet said he looked great. Rock was on the scale on Friday, 04-19-2013, & now is weighing 18.2 lbs at 11weeks/4days of age. He is almost house broken b/c we are home with him. We  take him out after he eats/drinks & about every 40-45 minutes. He is now built like a wt/lifter with a pot belly. He looks like me in the belly & has that’ walk’ to him. Nips like a son of a gun but we’re working on that. He’ll be going to school in a few weeks. Going to be a real good watch dog & is already running the house. Snow flakes in the air today & it was Rock’s first time. He did not know what to do with his ears so all he would do is run for the door. He is a Georgia Bulldog–no cold for him.


Joanna Stanford

Hello Steve,

Hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  We have been dieing to send you pics of Pablo, but we wanted to wait until he was a little bigger.  He is just five months and already about 50 lbs.  He is the neediest, cuddliest creature we have ever dealt with.  His best friend, George, is a 80 lb black lab mix, and he gets along with most other dogs at the dog park.  Pablo’s favorite thing to do (other than cuddle underneath the blankets) is play tug of war.  He cannot pass a single person in the street without saying, “Hello!”  But fortunately, most everyone wants to meet him anyway.  He is especially proud of being a Marine puppy.  My fiance (his daddy) is a ten year veteran of the infantry (three combat tours and a Bronze Star)  Pablo was more difficult that Fallujah or Afghanistan.  They are both encouragable, but best friends (Pabie and his dad.)  He is a freshie and definitely keeps us on top of our game, but he is the best thing that has happened to us.  We have come to live for his little oinks and piggy grunts.  Semper Fi and a we will give you sit reps as they come.

Happy 2013.

Joanna, Eric, and Pablo

Sharon Lee

November 9, 2012

Tia has brought pure joy to our home.   Her official name (Bullies of NC – Everybody Loves Tia) fits her well because everyone who meets Tia, falls in love with her.   We are stopped everywhere we go with questions and comments about Tia.   She is a great ambassador for her breed.   Steve & Julie raise top notch Bull Terriers with very sweet personalities.    Everyone comments about Tia’s loving disposition.   She is a little social butterfly.   She has to visit each and every dog at the dog park and their owners.   People often ask me if Bull Terriers are good with kids.  They are a kid’s BEST FRIEND!   Tia does not like our 3 kids to be out of pocket.   She goes to their rooms at night & whines if they are not there.  She loves to play on the playground equipment with the kids.   She climbs up & goes down the slide just like the other kids.  She is definitely a 3 yr old in a clown suit and loves to make us laugh.   She is not a girly-girl.   She is rough & tough & the dirtier she gets playing, the happier she is.  Tia plays well with all size dogs.   She seems to understand that the older dogs do not like little puppies jumping all over them.   She will just sit beside & chill for a few minutes with an older dog & then she is off trying to tackle the bull mastiff on the other side of the park.   We have had people drive by at the dog park, roll their windows down & chant “Tia, Tia, Tia”.    We did not know them but they knew about Tia.  I am no longer known as “Sharon”.   I have been reduced to “Tia’s Mom”.

Everyone comments on Tia’s looks as well.   We have been told by multiple people that we need to show Tia.   She loves to get into what I call her “Bullie stance”.   She throws her back legs out & her head is held up high just like she was in the show ring.   She has done that since we brought her home at 8 weeks old.   Our veterinarian absolutely adores Tia.   He has told us from the first time he saw Tia that she had great lines, a beautiful personality & super intelligence.    He should know because he has been the vet for more than 20 years for the kennel that whelped Rocky Top’s The Sundance Kid.  This made us feel really good about choosing Bullies of NC.   We have visited Steve & Julie three times.   They were happy to have us & gladly answered all of our questions.   Their Bullies are family members.  Each time we visited there were dogs roaming around in the house or in the yard.   The dogs were very friendly and dear sweet Rocky tried to get in the car with us.   My husband fell in love with Makoa too.    She is a sweetie pie.  We really cannot say enough good things about Steve & Julie.   We value their advice & admire their dedication to the Bull Terrier breed, plus they produce top quality puppies.

Tia exemplifies the attributes of the Bull Terrier breed.   She is strong, fearless, clownish, loyal, loving, stubborn, & intelligent.   Thanks Steve & Julie for raising this incredible puppy that we proudly call our own.

Tia’s Mom & Dad,

Sharon & Michael Lee

Guy Hunter

Hi Craig,

First off I would like to wish you and your family the Best of Holidays and a prosperous new year. What a year it has been and how time flies! I am so in love with Gunther I cannot express it in words. He has been Gods gift to me. No medical issue potential or otherwise goes without vet opinion or treatment. I think his vet loves him as much as I do!  Gunther enjoys his dog park visits and especially riding in the Hummer! He has visited many of the lower 48 states in his travels. I think he is probably one of the most photographed dogs in America! The one thing I think in fairness to Gunther that is missing in his life is a live-in brother or half brother. I love him so much and wanting the best for him, I feel the need to be sure he is enjoying his life in a way that gives him as much pleasure as he gives me. To that end I am seriously interested in watching for another……you guessed it …patch eye. As you know I have patience and am willing to wait for just the “perfect” one. I could have no less for Gunther. I understand that Isis cannot be bred anymore but am wondering what your opinion would be about the possibility of another patch eye coming from Maximus. I need to apologize for not being in touch sooner but we have had a couple of employees retire from the funeral home this year making our workloads a little heavier. By the way I have not missed any of your you tube videos and have enjoyed  watching every one of them as posted.  I hope to give you a call in the near future with a couple of other questions and would love to hear any updates on Sirena, Chunky and Fire Ball.

Thanks again for your email. I am happy being back on the “List” watching for the perfect “match”….or would that be “patch”?

Hope this note finds all well.


Guy Hunter & Gunther

Hattie Tucker

Hi Steve,

Just wanted to let you know that my little girl, Gabby QT Pie, is doing just fine (Litter MC07 – born 6/18/12). She is truly like another child, active and hard-headed at times. We will begin training next week and are looking forward to her becoming an active “obedient” puppy. She is growing like a weed…weighs 26.6 pounds! Lastly, I can’t wait for her head to catch up to her huge ears. I’ve attached a few pictures of her. Take care!

Hattie Tucker

Jim & Laura Coyne


I hope this finds you and the brood well. I wanted to update you on Ruckus who is living up to his name! He is a great dog that plays hard, is extremely intelligent, and loves to nap on his momma’s lap. We could not be happier!!

-Jim and Laura

Caprice Lejeune

Ricky Burke

Hey Steve,

This is Ricky and Kaitlin Burke, we got Lola from Karamel and Max’s litter.  I just wanted to send you and Craig some updated pictures of her, shes about 30lb and 5 months.  Her ears popped up on their own about a month ago.  She’s great with people and other dogs, she has ZERO aggression.  She’s a funny/stubborn little tank thats for sure! She keeps us laughing I just wish she would stand still long enough to get some really good pictures!

We hope all is well and look forward to hearing from you soon and seeing new litters on the website.


Scott McCurdy


I know it has been a while but Lilly is doing great and getting really big.  I thought you might enjoy one of her better poses so we are sending you the latest picture of Lilly on the attack LOL.

She loves the water, and likes to catch some rays after…see photo lolz.  After see gets wet, she jumps into her towel to get dry and then sits in her chair for a while.

We have class tonight and there are 6 other puppies.  She is in with the bigger dogs during the play session.  She thinks she is a great dane hahaha.  She loves to play but also likes to lay on your lap, on her back of course.  She still sleeps like that too btw.

Anyways, she is really spoiled but she is worth it!

We will send a few pictures every now and then when we can.  She is currently enrolled in puppy classes so she will be socialized with other puppies and people.

-Scott and Mary

Robert Weymouth

Hi Steve and Julie,

Just wanted to send some pictures of Jagger at 3 months. Sorry it took so long but we wanted to wait until he got some size to him so you can get a perspective on how much he’s grown. Jagger is such a joy in our lives. He’s full of energy and enjoys walks and of course, getting into everything. He loves his kennel and sleeps like a log in it.

He is eating well and growing fast. He still nips a little because of his teething, but its all in good fun. We take him on outings and boy does he draw a crowd. Well we hope you like the pics. We sill send more when he gets a little bigger. Thanks again for all your help with him. Until then, take care.

-Rob & Tara Weymouth

Maureen & Bill Bay

Hi Steve,

I just wanted to report that Scooter is doing very well!!  She is growing like a weed–every morning we remark on her seemingly overnight spurt of growth!!  She had her second set of shots and all was well.

We are trying to keep the biting and jumping down to a minimum–we know it will take time and training.  She has done very well in the bathroom training–although a few accidents are inevitable!

Thanks again–we have registered Scooter with the AKC.  Hope all is well with you and your family.



Lloyd Baldwin

Here’s Roxie at 12 weeks and 17lbs. She is doing great and starting her akc good citizen program soon. Hope all is well down there.

Thanks, Lloyd

Trent Miller

Billy Mannsz

ZERO is awesome!! He’s got a wonderful personality. And he’s learning so fast. We already have him house broken, leash trained, and knows “look” & “sit. Baby steps…. But I’m exited for how intelligent he already is and becoming day by day. He truly is a beautiful Bull Terrier in every way! Here’s some pic updates for ya. Happy St Patty’s.

-Billy Mannsz

Steve Pongratz

For over a year I have conducted extensive research in my pursuit to find a Bull Terrier breeder that I trusted and proved to have the quality and health I expected. In my pursuit I spoke with countless breeders throughout the country and visited many other well respected Kennel facilities. It is without question “Bullies of NC” sets the example for raising the best Bull Terriers I’ve seen. Their commitment and devotion to raising English Bull Terriers is evident the minute I arrived to their location in North Carolina. Being greeted by 3 Bull Terriers as I drove down their long stretch of driveway I was truly amazed by the living environment their Bull Terriers were spoiled with. I’ve seen many gorgeous Bull Terriers but none that matched the personality, health, and character that emulates from the Bullies of NC family of dogs.

Steve, I thank you for allowing me the opportunity to own one of your gorgeous puppies. It was definitely worth the wait and words cannot describe how thrilled I am with “Mako.” He is exactly what I’ve been longing for and I couldn’t be happier. What a smart puppy he is!

I highly recommend all those taking the time to research the best breeders through AKC to visit “Bullies of NC.” I’d also like to recommend other English Bull Terrier breeders to spend a day visiting with Bullies of NC and to bring a pad of paper to take notes with.  🙂

-Steve Pongratz:  Hillsborough, NJ

Justin Jack


Sorry I have not been in touch as of late, but I took some time to take some pictures of Pete. He is really growing, right at 30 lbs per the last vet visit. I have never had such a great dog! He is very intelligent and well behaved around people and animals. Although he hates a leash, he does enjoy riding on the rack of my atv around the farm and likes to find the biggest cow pies to step in. Again he is such a great dog. How has the rest of the Bullies been? How is the family and did you ever get that big buck you showed me on your game camera?


Jose Llanes

Stephanie Stratton Boone

Hello! We just wanted to show you some pics of our Mickey! She is awesome! Thanks so much for her! She has filled our house with joy!

The Boone Family in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Jeff Tutor

Hi Steve,
Hope all is well with you, your family and the bullies!  Just wanted to share some pictures of Zeke with you. He is getting so big so fast!

Take care,  Jeff & Kari

Patrick Gregory

Here are some photos of Memphis when he was a puppy.  He is over a year old now and is enjoying “the good life of a dog.”  He weighs about 45 lbs now and is solid as a rock.  He gets along well with the other dog in the household, but can be a bit mischievous at times. Thanks again for everything…he has been a wonderful pet and friend.  I will send a follow-up email with pictures of him all grown up.
-Patrick Gregory

Haley Frank


Buttercup is doing great! Here’s some pictures of her.


Matt Allen

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Hey there!
Just wanted to send you a few recent pics of Runway. He went to RDU to hang with Matt. He was hilarious playing in the learjet. He is doing so well and growing like crazy! He just hit 30 lbs! His personality is so awesome. He plays like a reckless boy, then is my sweet little cuddle-bug on the couch. We love teaching him new tricks, and he picks them up so fast! Amazingly smart!! Matt and I are already picking out a girl bullie name….for the future!! I had never been around bull terriers before, and was hesitant. However, after having Runway join our family, I am officially a bullie fan for life! Thanks for everything!! Headed out for a run with the pups!

Heidi =)

UPDATE: Oct 20, 2011

Matt and I took a little video of Runway for you and Julie. About a week ago, he became obsessed with our treadmiill. He would stand on it all the time. We turned it on, and now our bullie thinks he is training for a triathalon!! haha! We turn it off after about 1.5 miles, and he will wait about 5 mins, and is back in the workout room standing on it again! haha! Its awesome!! He is such an awesome pup!!


Joshua Carroll

Jonathan Owens

Our puppy is doing great!  Thanks for helping us with getting her. Ginnie asked that I send some photos through you – can you get these to her?
Thanks again for all your help.

Jessica Lanham

Hi Steve,
I just wanted to send you some pictures of my puppy Sonny so you can see how he’s progressed over the past few months.  He just turned 6 months old yesterday!  He’s so cute, and has such a good personality.  He loves to meet new people and play with other dogs.  He loves the dog park.  Sometimes I worry that he’s too friendly:)

Thanks so much for all of your help,


Roberto Argueta

Steve, Lilly is doing great! She’s a great dog, she’s now five months old…Lilly is a good dog…We love her and yes, she’s a beauty, thank you!


Samatha Burkhart

Pics of Angus from this week. We love him.  He is so cute and such a good boy.  He likes to climb under all the furniture.
We have been to see the vet and his is microchipped already.  Of course everyone in the office just thought he was soo cute.

Linda Robinson

Hello, Hello, Hello,
How are you all doing?  Hope the holidays were good to you.  Just a quick update(pictures to follow this weekend).
Well, took Tg to the vet’s for her last shots….she is doing great.  BIG FAT GIRL (23 pounds). The vet said she is looking great, her weight is right for her size (but I’m still gonna call her chubby)  Cause I can’t believe my little baby is gone.  (she’s a toddler now) hahahahaha.  She is learning fast and retains info. (but oh what a stubborn streak she can have).  We are so in love with her….she is really affectionate and lovable.  Both Mazzey and Bela have bonded with her.  Bela seems to think she’s the MOM.  She is very protective of her.  Have you rec’d any pictures or info. on Tg’s sisters or brothers?  Just wondering how they are looking and how big they are.  If you have a picture or two we would love to see them.  We have an appt. to take Tg in to get spaded.  They say 12 to 16 weeks is the best time to do it if you’re going to.  I have to tell you I understand now what you were talking about in the “breeding” of these dogs….with no training Tg holds her stance, her tail staight,  does different “show like” positions.  very regal.  I want to thank you again for allowing us to be her family. Take care and I will send more pictures soon,


Mary Day

After all the love and care you guys put into your litters, I know you have to miss them.  It’s another reason I couldn’t raise puppies.  I’d be that stereotypical old woman with a house full of dogs.

Daisy is such a joy.  So sweet natured.  I’m getting lots of puppy kisses as is the rest of the family.  Sookie is doing really well with Daisy.  Right now they are a similar size which is nice for both of them.  Snoopy isn’t trying to hurt Daisy, but he’s way too rough and intense for my peace of mind. We really enjoyed our visit, and it was good to meet you, too. You have a beautiful home. It was fun to visit with your Bullies!  You have terrific dogs:)

Thank you so much for our Daisy!!!

Keeping in touch,


Robert Seoane

Hey, well its been about a month with Vader now. so i figured id give yall an update. Hes doing well i think hes probably gained about 10 pounds. he went through a horrible biting and chewing stage but hes starting to get over it. hes a little piggy when it comes to toys though he is always looking for a new one. hes really starting to realize that i am the dominant male because he behaves and listens when its just us, but when other people come around he goes wild and completely ignores me haha. but thats just because he a pup. surprisingly enough he gets along with the 16 year old male dog the best, the shelty is hit or miss and he didnt get to know the great dane too well because she ended up passing last thursday. 11.5 years old so it was a good thing when you think about it. he most defiantly hates the cat though haha, she likes to sit in front of his play pen and just stare at him because she knows it drives him crazy. i got him this really neat training collar that uses a no-pain spray and a rewarding tone for either good or bad behavior. he was house trained in less than a week haha. and ill tell you, he defiantly cant keep up with me yet on a run. well anyways even though hes a little crazy right now hes a good dog and he’ll grow out of this crazy puppy stage soon enough.
feel free to put this on your site, and let me know if the video doesn’t work.


Frank & Kim Yates

Hi All,
I’ve attached a couple of photos of Lucy.  She is certainly Frank’s baby.  She weighs about 20 pounds now and will eat anything and everything if we’re not vigilant.  When her tail goes straight out and her head goes up, I know she has picked up something that she shouldn’t have.  Usually a bug. I included an older picture so that Harlie can see that Lucy put her blanket to use. I hope that all of you are doing well.  It was a pleasure to meet all of you and to meet the dogs. I will send more pictures during her different growth stages.  Any time that you’re in Alabama, come by to see us.
-Frank and Kim Yates

Summer Constantino

Hi Steve,
Thank you so much for letting me buy Capone from you! He was very good in the car and I could not be happier with him! My other dogs are getting used to him but I’m sure that won’t take too long. I will definitely be getting him neutered when I receive his vet records.
Thanks Again!!!

Zack Meece

Hi Steve
Hope all is well with you and your family. Sorry I haven’t written sooner, but we have been swamped.  Willie is definitely keeping us busy.  He’s a cutie, but a “wild child”!! LOL  He will be 4 mos tomorrow.  His ears are finally standing up, he seems to be getting over the puppy nipping stage and we are still working on the potty training.  Zac has taught him sit, stay, and lay down.  He is still learning to walk on a leash, he would rather be carried. LOL  He finally received the last of the series of puppy shots, so now he’s off to explore different places.  He had his first visit to the beach last weekend and we are taking him to Canada for Spring Break.  He’s definitely my son’s dog, he follows Zac EVERYWHERE.  We didn’t let the big dogs play with him for the first few months as he was sooo small we where afraid they would squish him.  They are finally getting use to the idea that Willie is part of the family too and he’s not going anywhere.  Our Rotti wants to play with him sooo bad, but she still too rough.  Our Bullmastiff sniffs him, then ignores him most of the time.  Willie is a ham, he loves to have his picture taken.  I’m sending some pics so you can see how he’s grown. Well I better go for now.
Have a great Easter!
-The Meece Family


Hope all is well with you and your family.  Just dropping a line to let you know Willie is doing great!  He’s finally big and “bad” enough to boss the two big ones around. LOL  I said I’d send a pic of them all together, so here you go.  Ok, so I had to send a few other pics.  Willie is a ham, he LOVES the camera, and we love showing him off.  🙂  He’s a great traveler, he loved going to Canada and meeting new people.  (He even learned very quickly that if he wanted attention, he had to keep all paws on the ground. LOL)  The pic of him on the tank with Zac was taken on the way to Niagara Falls.  He also loves going out on the boat with us.  He’s a great puppy!!!  He’s smart, witty and lovable.  Thank you again for everything.  Hope you had a nice Father’s day!
-The Meece’s


Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.  Just wanted to drop a line and say hi.  Willie is doing great.  He just turned 3 this month.  He is a huge snuggle bug with a great personality and very intelligent!  He is still a ball of energy – Zac jokes he’s going to get him a treadmill.  We keep telling Zac he needs to put down the video game and run with him, it would do BOTH of them some good…especially if he wants to join the Marines after HS. (…Gotta love teenagers.) LOL  Hope you have a WONDERFUL NEW YEAR!
-The Meece’s

Margaret Adams

Don & Robin Wade

Steve and Julie,

Just wanted to take a minute and thank you again for letting us bring two Bullies to our house (it fills the void …a little… that our Bullie Chelsea left after 14.5 years) . Here’s a picture taken last night of Makena and Bella enjoying the back yard.


Don & Robin Wade

Julie Balidio

Hi Steve & Julie,
Just wanted to let you know how “happy and satisfied” with our Bully puppy “Kekoa”.  She is very affectionate, sweet, loving, a bundled of joy and I am very satisfied with her.  I was concerned about our long trip back to Las Vegas, but she handled the trip very well.
She’s scheduled to see the veterinarian next Saturday for a check up and 2nd puppy shot.  She’s acclimating to her new home and surrounding very well (her doggie bed and crate).
I’ve attached a picture of her in her bed, which she adores and spends most of her time playing and sleeping in.  Thank you again, and please give our regards to the rest of your family.

Best Regards,



Hi Steve and Julie,
Just wanted to keep you updated.  Here’s Kekoa at 12 wks. – she’s beginning to show her bully personality, but she’s a bundle of joy. I received her AKC Certificate earlier this week, and her full registration name is: BULLIES OF NC’S KEKOA KEALANI, which means in Hawaiian – THE COURAGEOUS HEAVENLY WHITE ONE. Interpreted as: BULLIES OF NC’S THE COURAGEOUS HEAVENLY WHITE ONE. I believe the name is quite fitting.
Many thanks again. Aloha and Mahalo,

-Julie – Las Vegas

Libby Cherrington

Jingles is great.  so silly and funny.  Gunny, the lab loves her and they chase one another all day long.
Have some great pictures you can use for your website.
Thanks to you and your family again.

-Libby Cherrington

Drew Pariser

Hey Steve I just wanted to send some pics of Zeus to ya.  Let me know what you think.  I hope things are going well for you guys.


Ginna Riddle

Here’s a couple of pic’s from November, 2008 that we have of our Lester Renee!  He truly is our pride & joy!  We have 5 girls & 5 grandkids, a kitty cat, & then came Lester Renee!  Let me tell ya, he has won our hearts, along with everyone he comes in contact with!  Hope you enjoy the pictures!  Happy Holidays!


Lester has an unbelievable personality that matches his naturally good looks, and yes I may be a little partial to him since I am his mother, but he turns heads everywhere we go & strikes up conversations with complete strangers!  We’ve met more people since we have had him, it’s unreal!!  Thanks for everything, he has totally changed our life around and I wouldn’t have it any other way!  He’s priceless to us!

Chut Cuerva

Hi Steve and Julie,
I just wanted to let you know that my puppy arrived safe and sound in  Manila, Philippians. It was quite a long process finding him and getting him here but in the end I think it was worth all the trouble we went through. I recently received a Christmas card from Ginne. Please thank her for me and pass on to her these photos of Rufus.

Happy holidays and do keep sending me your newsletter as I’d like to stay informed of what’s going on with your kennel. Best regards,
-Chut Cuerva

Jessica Yarbrough

Hello! My boyfriend and I bought our bull terrier puppy, Marley, from Windy Knolls Kennel in August of 2008…she is the red and white one in the pictures. My brother went with us to pick her up and ended up falling in love with her sister.  He took her home that day and named her Blanca.  Since then we’ve been able to get the puppies together several times and I thought you’d like to see some fairly recent pictures of them.  They’ve been absolutely wonderful additions to our families…Thank you!

Jessica Yarbrough and Chris Van Hoof


Happy New Year!
As Marley grows there are more and more picture opportunities! We thought you would enjoy seeing these. Marley is such a sweetheart…she loves to cuddle with us and sleep on the couch as often as she can! She believes she is a lap dog and will not believe anything different! She loves playing and running with her sister, Bella, a mini-schnauzer.  They love playing fetch and wrestling together! Marley is such a joy to us and we are so grateful to have her. 🙂  Thank You!
Jessica Yarbrough and Chris Van Hoof

Melanie Pearson

Hi, Steve

Here is Tank’s win picture under that judge who placed that red and white bull terrier at west minister in first place. He got best of opposite sex,  and reserve winners in breed.
-Melanie. P

Andrew Ross

Hello, and Happy New year!!! I thought I’d send along a few Pictures of: Groucho “life of the party” What a hoot he is!!!!

Amber Mastronardi

Hi. this is Amber Mastronardi. we bought Gaea from you on November 24th of 2007. shes a little red and white. just sending some pics for you to see her now. shes a mess but stuck with us.
thank you very much,

-amber and j victor

Tom McDonough

FYI – an email my daughter sent with pics attached, she is really a smart dog. Hope all goes well with your deployment, give em’ hell and come back home. Merry Christmas to you and your family, please pass our greetings and pics on to Craig and his family as well.

Mary Rice

Wes Andrew

Rizzle Ownes

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