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My name is Allison Dudley, My husband Joe and I are devoted animal enthusiasts who truly adore animals of all kinds. We live out in the country of Pauls Valley, OK with several acres where we dedicate to raising the animals we love dearly. However, when it comes to dogs we are utterly dedicated to the Bull Terrier breed that are our beloved warriors of the territory.

When it comes to the Bull Terriers we raise our primary goal has always been to ensure the health and temperament were of the best possible qualities. All of our Bull Terriers came from Bullies of NC and the training, love, and attention we have dedicated to them has proven to represent them as top notch Bullies that emulate all the qualities expected in a quality Bull Terrier that fits the mold within Breed Standards.

There aren’t too many Bull Terrier breeders in OK but for those from this geographic area that are looking for a Bull Terrier puppy with more than the average qualities found within all the backyard breeders out there we welcome you to meet our family of Bullies!

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