bull terrier cartoon

Those of you that have owned a Bull Terrier before understand just how loyal they are to their owners. I won’t rant and rave about our female Bull Terriers, but I will say each one was picked based on their parents character, temperament, structure, conformation, and health. Please understand that all of our breeding dogs are our pets and family members.¬†They are all well socialized with adults, children, and other dogs. Our bullies come in and out of the house and roam the yard. They are all family dogs and not in any way confined to an outside kennel for the mere purpose of breeding. ¬† Our female Bull Terriers are bred after their third heat cycle and will mate again no earlier than 2 heat cycles following their previous litter. The amount of times a female is bred depends on her health, age, and motherly skills she has with her pups. We will NOT breed a female if her health or disposition proves to be a concern for herself or puppies. Ideally, females should not be bred more than 3 times. I understand others will beg to differ but we do not feel it’s within the best interest and health for a female to be bred multiple times. We love all our dogs and their health and wellness is more important to us than breeding them. During the times when one of our bitches prepares for labor she is spoiled to an independent room where optimal temperature, monitoring, and love can be ideally provided for the comfort and health of the mother and her litter.

bull terrier art

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