If you’ve ever had to board your dog with a local Kennel you know how depressing it can be for your whole family. I’ve seen many kennel facilities and have heard the horror stories….small stalls, limited lighting, no outside runs, cram packed with noisy barking dogs, limited attention, 2 walks a day, etc. Regardless who tells you your dog will be happy you know it’s a fib.

Our custom built kennels at “Bullies of NC” were made to exceed the standards of any kennel facility. We offer kenneling at two locations in North Carolina – Richlands and Jacksonville. Our policies are the same for both locations. At Craigs’ kennel in Jacksonville what was once a horse barn has been modified into a canine housing facility that provides both an inside housing and outside run. In Richlands we recently build a brand new custom kennel specifically made with bullies in mind. Yes, maybe its overkill for the average dog owner, but for those who want to ensure their dog has the very best while their family is away we aim to please.

No, we are not an established kennel business nor will you find us in the yellow pages. We are proud Bull Terrier breeders with enough land and facilities to welcome and encourage other dog lovers the opportunity to utilize our facilities to house their loved dogs during vacations and time away from the home.


  • 5′ x 15′ Custom AKC kennels (not chain link)Richlands Kennel Diagram
  • Extra smooth cement floors perfect for a dogs paws
  • Expensive Insulated dog houses  – “Dog Den 2.”
  • Fresh Cedar Bedding
  • Escape proof hallway
  • Video Surveillance
  • Water and Electricity hook ups
  • HUGE 28′ x 100′ run
  • 24/7 attention
  • At least 4 leash walks per day (everyday)
  • Digital pictures & videos of your dog to send to your email any time.
  • Constant Love and Attention like it was one of our own!

kennel service jacksonville nc

BONC Kennels Richlands Left Right Richlands Kennels 02 Richlands Kennels 03 Richlands Kennels 05 kennel service richlands nc Kennel Run Richlands Kennels 04

Jacksonville Kennels

  • Completely vented inside living environment – 10’ x 10’Jacksonville Kennel Diagram
  • Doggie door exit to outside run – 24’x 10’ (with water mist system)
  • Large dog houses in each kennel
  • 24/7 attention and surveillance
  • At least 4 leash walks per day (everyday)
  • Digital pictures & videos of your dog to send to your email any time.
  • Any special request you may have to keep your dog happy during your absence.
  • Constant Love and Attention like it was one of our own!

Jacksonville Kennels 01

dog kenneling jacksonville  Jacksonville Kennels 03 Jacksonville Kennels 04 Jacksonville Kennels 05


  • Records of up to date shots
  • Current Bordetella shot
  • Non-aggressive dogs ONLY


  • 1 DOG –   Daily: $15.00        Weekly:  $80.00              Monthly: $300.00
  • 2 DOGS – Daily: $25.00          Weekly:  $135.00             Monthly: $500.00
  • 3 DOGS – Daily: $35.00          Weekly:  $180.00             Monthly: $650.00
  • 4 DOGS – Daily: $45.00          Weekly:  $250.00             Monthly: $800.00

As you can tell from our pictures of both kennels, we do not house very many dogs. Availability is limited. However, due to non-advertisement we do not get an influx of personnel seeking our services. We’d rather it this way as our intentions are not to initiate a money making kennel facility but to offer “Bullies of NC” fans an extra incentive for your loyalty as a customer.




As normal, you will be responsible for supplying your dog’s food for the duration of its stay in our kennel. If you desire to leave a “special” blanket, pillow, etc we more than welcome your requests. We also providing basic grooming services (if requested) for your dog while they’re in our care.

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