Kids & Bull Terriers
Kids & Bull Terriers

Kids and Bull Terriers – So many people ask me the same question, “Are Bull Terriers good with kids?” I think many of these questions get asked simply because of their name. If the Bull Terrier had some other name besides “BULL” Terrier I don’t think the question would ever come up. They are a breed of dog that should never be compared to a Pit Bull. Their character and disposition are worlds apart.

The Bull Terrier is the most loyal breed of canine that walks the face of this earth and YES they’re great with kids. All my kids were raised around them their whole lives. If anything, they were a protector and loyal companion and one that I would most definitely trust.

Watch these two videos and you’ll see many..many…other kids who have been fortunate enough to have been raised around Bull Terriers.

Bull Terriers with kids, Bull Terriers and kids

Are Bull Terriers good with Kids?