We are very proud of all our Bull Terriers. Our Bull TerrierĀ Studs set the example for others to emulate. They are all physically superb in all spectrum of conformation and bone structure. They all come from Champion Pedigree and have proven stud records within AKC. All of our Bull Terrier Studs are DNA tested through AKC. They are available for Stud Service via natural breeding here at our kennel facilities or by Artificial Insemination and sent from our canine sperm bank to your veterinarian. Please see our Stud Service page for more information.

To view photos and videos of each Bull Terrier listed below please click on their photo.


Nitro - custom 01


Lucian - custom (1)


Rocky - custom (2)


Spartacus (001)

Bam Bam

Bam Bam, custom 01a