Pedigree Categories For Pricing:

Due to how fast our Bull Terrier puppies sell and the constant volume of personnel on our Waiting List we have been left having to generate some type of pricing guide. Our puppy prices are based on the Pedigree of the parents and advertised as such upon confirmation of an expected litter. The Litter Advertisement Charts that illustrate the Sire and Dam of the litter will be depicted as either a Pedigree I and II litter, or a Pedigree III and IV litter, or a Pedigree V and VI litter.

Bull Terrier Puppy Deposits:

Puppy deposits are $200. Prior to placing a deposit please ensure you have filled out our Puppy Purchase or Waiting List Application. All deposits are 100% refundable up until a puppy picked by you reaches 2 weeks of age. Please view our Online Store for deposit and payment information.

Bull Terrier Puppy Final Payments:

Final payment on a puppy is due the day the puppy is scheduled to be picked up or one week prior to the date it’s scheduled for a canine flight shipment. Please view our Online Store page for payment options.

Exclamation    If we have No Bull Terrier Puppies available and you need help locating other reputable Bull Terrier Breeders – Please click HERE to learn how to identify a professional and reputable breeder.