Hello Leslie, I have been having so much fun with Norma Jean. She growing up so fast and I was looking to place my two cents on your customer review page on the website it says mail it to you and you’ll post it for us.

So with that being said, she has been everything I had hoped for in a companion. We love her so much and she makes it so easy lol. She’s super smart and has been incredible with her training, sometimes I feel like she’s to smart hahaha. I can’t thank you enough for putting us together and I would love to do business again in the future. You where most informative and a real pleasure to talk to, you made us feel like family right from the start. And I know that anyone else who may purchase a puppy through you would get the same treatment. I couldn’t recommend a better breeder to contact thank and hope to talk to you sometime soon. good luck with everything you do.

Sincerely Ryan and Norma Jean

Donna Roberts


Hi Leslie,

I just wanted to tell you how much I understand now that comment you said about always having a bull terrier in your life.  I don’t know how any of us would make it without Patton.  We love him so much and I would have 20 if I had the land and room for it.  I wanted to send you a couple of pictures to show you how beautiful he is and how he has grown.  He has a great personality and is so loving at times.  Such a sweet boy.

I hope you are all doing well.  Thank you for our baby boy.

Donna Roberts

Daniel Borowiecki


Current pictures of Panic she is a great bully and her best friend is Terrorist. They are inseparable.

Eric Bernard


Here is a 16 week pic of Apollo. He had is shots yesterday and weighed in at 25lbs. Once again, Thanks.

– Eric,Nadine and Apollo

Shannon Rodriguez


Look how big he’s getting! He’s such a good puppy.


Kevin & Heidi Parker

Hey Leslie…

I hope my message finds you happy and well… Gretchen is doing fantastic…We have been enjoying her as much as she has been enjoying us..Obviously, we have been smothering her with love and affection and she loves every minute of it..although, we have been trying not to spoil her to bad. Heidi and I both keep the “ever watchful eye” on her but she still has free-reign of most of the house… Yes, she is a handful, but, in the sweetest way.. She is growing like a weed..and Of course, She is also in the “biting” stage and there is nothing that she won’t chomp down on..Yes, she has plenty of chew toys, but, she perfers chewing on us the most…Its all in fun, of course… Oh Yea, did I mention that she is a fully-fledged peeing machine…Heidi and I are both really good about taking her outside and being able to anticipate her needs. She plays, drinks and pee’s…Sleeps, Drinks and pee’s…Heidi has really been fantastic with her…Giving her constant attention and love..

You know Leslie, She is truly a special bully… Heidi and I always looking at her and saying “My gosh, she’s so beautiful”.. We feel so Lucky to have gotten that specific girl.. Thank You so much..  I’ve attached a couple of pics for your viewing pleasure.. They actually were only taken the day after returning from Spartanburg..At this writing, She has probably gained 4 more pounds since then.. I’ll take some new pics and send you so you will see why we are such proud parents…

Please take care, stay in touch and please please be careful at work…(Don’t let your guard down)..

Much Love!!!

Heidi and Kevin

Gerald Stanley

Hey Leslie,

Thought you might like to see a picture of Poppy - one ear has come up! She's super good. Our adventures so far have included a visit to the school, horse stables, and my parent's house. Everyone she meets seem to love her; even one of our neighbors who's terrified if dogs loves her and even held her!  She's very good about asking to go out and a total snuggle-bug. We've had only a few accidents, mainly because we didn't recognize that she needed to go. She has very good manners for a little girl and I've done some training with her and she will gladly sit on command. Both Poppy and Bernie are going to the vet this afternoon. Hope all is well. Take care!



Melissa & Craig Jones

Thank you so much!  I had a hard time getting the pictures to upload.  His name is now Sunny Night In Vegas.  Here are a few pictures we have taken over the years. We can’t thank you enough!

-Craig & Melissa Jones

Shanon Moore

Hi Leslie and Co.,

It has been some time since I have sent an update on our precious pup…

He is awesome!  There is so much I could say about this wonderful creature but awesome sums it all up.  Satch is a joy to all of us…and when I say all of us, I mean our family, our friends, and the entire neighborhood.  This dog is magical.  He is beloved by every single dog, and every single person who encounter him.  He is love personified…

All is well.  He is a huge dog – I have not weighed him recently but he tips the scales heavier than his Daddy;).  He may be close to 70lbs and he is not one pound overweight so I often wonder if he is a reincarnation of my beloved bullie who was 70lbs:).

My Best,


P.S.  Photo was taken about an hour ago – his morning love time with my daughter.


Hello again,

Thought it was time to send a report on our amazing pup…who is now 72 pounds!  And no, he is not fat:).  The vet said he might want to drop 2 – 4 pounds so he has some wiggle room on the weight but he is in perfect shape.  He is such a joy.  He is beloved not just by our family, but by our entire community.  The funniest thing happened when he turned 2 last month.  It was as though someone flipped a switch and he decided he was a mature adult and settled right down, suddenly remembering every single command he had learned in the first 6 months of training and is just the calmest, sweetest, funniest soul.  We are totally smitten with this dog.  My kids will now never want to move away from home because they will miss the dog too much…

He is such a wonderful dog.

Kindly, Sharon

Joe & Erica Belcher

Hi Leslie,
Bullet is doing great and Joe and him are inseparable .. he calls him and says come on little buddy lets go see what trouble we can get into.. lmao. Just went out and took these photos while the puppies had their play time lol.. I think they both just like to terrorize each other.  Bullet will just annoy Ozzy until Ozzy starts chasing him around the yard..lol

Bethany Owen

Just wanted you to see what a handsome boy Jack has turned out to be.  He turned one yesterday and he’s an absolute angel.  Best dog that either of us has ever had.  We cannot get over how incredibly sweet this dog is!  He LOVES everyone and everyone loves him.  He’s got a great build and beautiful markings.  He’s a good looking boy with a personality to match.
Thank you again for making him possible!


Thought you might get a chuckle out of how spoiled your Boy is.  He does this every time Jonathan sits down.  You were right on when you said he loves being with people.  He turns 2 in just nine days.  It has been a great 2 years. Thanks for producing the very best (of 4) BT's that we've ever had. 

Hope all's well with you.