For those looking for stud service that do not reside close to our area and cannot feasible travel from your geographic area with your bitch we offer chilled semen which can be scheduled to be sent to your local veterinarian for Artificial Insemination (AI).

For chilled semen shipments we have our veterinarian from the UNC Veterinarian School of Medicine prepare and ship the semen to your veterinarian so AI can be conducted during the most optimal time during your female’s ovulation. We guarantee the semen to arrive within 24 hours and to contain liable and productive sperm for AI procedures. We recommend a surgical AI conducted to your female in order to provide optimal results based off the most productive ovulation date depicted by your Veterinarian.

Due to our cost for utilizing a board certified veterinarian to export chilled semen we cannot offer a money back guarantee for female that does not become pregnant. With this said, a $500 fee will be deducted from the stud service refund in the event your female does not become pregnant.

Obviously, prior planning has to be accomplished in order to ensure timing is correct for chilled semen shipment as well as verified ovulation dates.

Currently we have chilled semen readily available and stored within the UNC State Veterinarian School of Medicine’s sperm bank on the following studs:

  • Bullies of NC’s Richlands Rebel Rock
  • Bullies of NC’s Sooner or Later
  • Freeloafs “Lycan of the Under World”