For many years now the only con we’ve had is the mere fact that in order to receive a puppy from “Bullies of NC”, or one of the reputable breeders we advertise for that carry our bloodline, is the fact that there will always be a wait to claim a puppy due to the consistent high volume of people on our Waiting List. Trust me, I’m fully aware of how disappointing it is for people to research reputable Bull Terrier breeders when they are in pursuit to purchase a gorgeous Bull Terrier puppy and when they have found the breeder in which they wish to purchase from they are shocked to see a high volume of personnel on their waiting list that presents an appearance as though the opportunity to claim a puppy from that breeder would take a year or more based on the low volume of litters produced annually. As for us, we are very proud of the reputation we have earned with raising and breeding and realize we most likely have the highest demand for Bull Terrier puppies in the nation and thus the highest volume of people on a waiting list. Fortunately, our waiting list encompasses not only the four of us within Bullies of NC but also five other reputable breeders that we advertise for. With this said, there are litters being born periodically throughout the year so the wait for a puppy from us really isn’t that bad. For detailed information on our time frame for claiming a puppy please visit our page –How long is the wait for a Puppy?



Over the years we haven’t budged when it comes to the policies we have in regard to our Puppy Prices and fairness to everyone wanting to receive a puppy from us. I wish I had a dime for every time someone asked us if they provided us more money in order to claim a puppy from a current litter if they could bypass the waiting list. We’ve been offered $5000+ for puppies before and refused them because we value our integrity and our desire to breed Bull Terriers is not focused on financial reward. Our concern is solely providing gorgeous puppies to qualified owners who will provide a life of love and joy for the puppy we provide them. The last thing we’d ever want to do is disappoint loyal people on our waiting list who have been patiently waiting for a certain color, sex, or markings of a puppy and suddenly tell them they can’t get the puppy they wanted because someone else below them on the waiting list offered more money. Truthfully there’s never been a fair way for us to conduct the sale of a “Pick of the Litter” puppy due to the consistent high volume of personnel on our waiting list. However, recently we have come up for a way in which we find to be fair which could offer such a thing. Instead of us picking out a certain puppy and claiming it to be the Pick of Litter (Pedigree X) due to the qualities, color, and markings a certain puppy possess we found it best to keep the option of Puppy Pick of the Litter open to everyone on our waiting list who truly wants a certain puppy so much that they are willing to claim the Puppy as a Pedigree X ($3000) and deem the puppy as the “Pick of the Litter” in order to secure ownership of that puppy regardless of where they are within our Waiting List. Obviously if someone ahead of them on the waiting list realized during the time frame in which Puppy Picks were being conducted that a certain puppy that they wanted to claim just turned into the “Pick of the Litter” puppy valued at $3000 and they were also willing to claim the puppy as a Pick of the Litter puppy (Pedigree X) they would have first opportunity.

By providing the option of “Pick of the Litter” to anyone on the waiting list it now provides knowledge to everyone that there is an option to claim ownership to a puppy regardless where they are within the waiting list. This option will also provide a lot more confidence to those who visit our website for the first time and come across our waiting list and notice a large volume of people which often intimidates them. Another thing that is easily noticed from our waiting list is the dates in which people have been on the list which in some cases have been for more than 2 years. To most people, this appears as though the wait for a puppy is extremely long because they do not realize that many on our waiting list are not prepared to claim a puppy until later in the future. At least with the “Puppy Pick of Litter” option it will now provide people with a lot more confidence of being able to claim a puppy much sooner if they desire to claim a certain puppy as a Pedigree X.


For those confused about how our waiting List works, please read our Page – “How our waiting list works.

For those wanting detailed information on our Puppy Prices, please read – “Puppy Prices.


Please feel free to call us if you need anything explained.