Although this is probably the most popular question we are asked it’s also the most difficult to answer since the answer to the question is dependent on how many puppies are born from each upcoming litter, what color, sex, and markings people on our waiting list are wanting, and whether or not people on our waiting list are prepared to claim ownership to a puppy.

Due to the fact that we offer a full refund on deposits for any reason I’m sure most realize there are no risks involved with providing a deposit and joining our waiting list. Many people get on our waiting list prematurely knowing they have no intent on getting a puppy in the very near future but enjoy knowing when the time comes they will be high enough on the list to ensure they get the exact puppy they want from a specific planned breeding.

We are always surprised at how many people opt to “Pass” on a litter during the times in which Puppy Picks are being conducted at the 2 week old mark and we receive back responses with people letting us know that they are not ready to claim a puppy at this time. It isn’t rare that we will complete the Puppy Picks and still have a couple puppies available which were not claimed from those on our waiting list.

Sadly, many people that visit our website see our puppy waiting list and instantly get the feeling that it will take a long time to be able to claim a puppy from an upcoming litter. This is far from true based on the fact that many people on the waiting list are not prepared to claim ownership until a later date as well as the fact that many litters are being advertised throughout the year since there are four of us within “Bullies of NC” and we also advertise for many other reputable breeders that we are good friends with which carry our bloodlines. I often tell people if they were unable to claim a puppy within 6 months it would only be because they chose not to claim a puppy from a litter or litters that was recently born.


PLEASE NOTE – We do offer “Puppy Pick of the Litter” choice to anyone on the waiting list who wishes to claim ownership to a puppy regardless what their position is on the waiting list. For more information please read our page – “Puppy Pick of Litter.”