Once somebody has submitted their $200 deposit we will add their name to our waiting list accordingly. We will then add their email address to our distribution list so that they will receive all litter announcements the day a litter is born. We will always send out notification to everyone on our waiting list the day a litter is born to announce the birth of a new litter. In that email we will let everyone know how the puppies and dam are doing and we will remind everyone that for the next 14 days our intent is to allow the dam to peacefully nurse her babies without stressing her out by stealing them away for puppy pictures. However, we will explain that in exactly 2 weeks (or slightly sooner) we will be sending out another email letting people know that Puppy Picks will initiate at this time. At this time we will update our website to depict a plethora of photos of each puppy so everybody has well detailed pictures of the puppies that will provide them with ample information to determine what puppy they wish to claim or whether they wish to pass on the litter and await the opportunity to claim a puppy from an upcoming litter. We usually allow 3 full days to view the photos and make a decision on claiming a puppy. Once we receive feedback from everyone on our waiting list we will work our way through the Puppy Picks based on precedence order.  Once completed we will send the results out to everyone on the waiting list so they can view who received which puppy, who passed on claiming a puppy, and who was wanting a puppy. This information proves to be rewarding for everyone because it provides them with insight on exactly where the stand on receiving a puppy in the near future. The only way a puppy can be claimed ahead of someone else on the waiting list that was higher than them is if they choose to use the “Puppy Pick of the Litter” option.