Many Bull Terriers (especially while in their adolescent stages) can be extremely active and their metabolism can be so high that no matter how much food they consume they still remain lean and thin without the mass that some desire to see in their Bull Terrier. Yes, genetics plays a big part in the overall structure and physique but there are ways in which you can still ensure your Bull Terrier reaches its maximum potential in regard to muscle mass and thickness. Adding a raw meat recipe for weight gain in conjunction with their daily diet can prove to be very effective. I have used these recipes for several years and I know firsthand how well they work for putting mass on a Bull Terrier.

Due to all the inquiries I have received over the past few years on this subject I have decided to add a page to our website that I can be used to forward to others looking for advice on how to add weight to their Bull Terrier. We hope you enjoy it and your Bull Terrier benefits from it.

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